Our policy regarding Quality and Environment Management is fundamentally based on providing an excellent service and assistance to our customers, using technical resources to perform the activities, starting with the concept, production, selling equipment and accessories in stainless steel, as well as after sale assistance, keeping in mind the high-quality and lower environment impact.

The INI S.A. Management compromise to:

  • Transmit to all employees and collaborators, the objectives of Quality and Environment policy in order to ensure the fully understanding and development of the Company activity and simultaneously guarantee customers satisfaction.
  • To promote developing solutions for our customers in order to fulfill their expectations, taking into account their point of view.
  • To improve continuously the efficiency on Quality and Environmental Management Policy.
  • To optimize the Process Management and their performance concerning Environment protection, by preventing the occurrence of any kind of pollution, as treating effluents and toxic waste.
  • To assure the Legal and other Requirements related with INI activity as well as developing the top Management Policy in Quality and Environmental areas.

Politica de Privacidade