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The Company

INI - Indústria de Inoxidáveis, SA was founded in March 2002, and is a metalworking and automation company with activity in the area of design, development, construction and installation of equipment and processes for the food industry, biotechnology, chemistry, ceramics, environment, between others.

Its origin is due to Mr. Arlindo Tavares da Silva, together with his wife Mrs. Margarida Martins Oliveira. The experience, acquired over more than 50 years in the field of metallomechanics, allowed them to identify and assess the needs of the market, and to found INI.SA, a company oriented to develop integrated solutions.

Starting the activity with a share capital of € 50,000 and 7 employees, INI.SA has evolved to the current 2,063,000€ and 60 employees.

The constant modernization of the industrial facilities and the training of its staff is one of INI.SA's priorities, which allows it to have a modern industrial unit with a competitive structure. Given that it staff is young but highly experienced, INI.SA uses the latest technological and organizational innovations to create a range of solutions tailored to its customers, thus positioning itself in the market as a problem solver.

Certified since 2019, according to the ISO 3834-2 and code ASME "U", it gives the company a differentiating status compared to other companies in the sector, thus making it possible to satisfy all its customers and at the same time preserve the environment.









Environment and Quality Policy

INI.SA´s Quality and Environment Management System policy is essentially based on the commitment to provide the best service to all its customers, relying on technical means to carry out the activities in terms of design, manufacture, sale and technical assistance of equipments and accessories for the food and chemical industry, always looking for the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact.

Thus, INI.SA's Management undertakes to:

  • Transmit to all employees of the company, and employees who work on its behalf, the policy and the objectives of quality and environment, and ensure their understanding for the development and activity of the company, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • Promote the development of solutions for its customers, in order to achieve their expectations and taking into account the opinion of the interested parties;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System;
  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements that the organization subscribes applicable to its activity, as well as develop best management practices in the areas of Quality and Environment.


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Environment and Quality Policy

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